Magic Flute

In the Magic Flute I enjoyed how it was a rescue mission. I disliked that it wasn’t that funny. The Magic Flute was about a prince that falls in love with a lady but she is captured and the prince has to do tests and once he completes the test he wins her. Opera is a type of story that is told through music and acting opera can be high or low.

Gerome the Gnome

Gerome the gnome is playing with cheeky magic,he crawls into his home and sleeps like a baby. when the morning comes he comes out and is grumpy
When he is grumpy you wouldn’t want to be around him he is a little lonely but soon a friend will come by and they will be together. Gerome the gnome can be grumpy, cheeky But he is best when he is Happy

By Alex

A.N.Z.A.C Day story

  • A͟͟n͟͟z͟͟a͟͟c͟͟ d͟͟a͟͟y͟͟
    The soldiers sneaked onto the land of Gallipoli at dawn. Ash sneaked around looking for the enemy base, She had no idea if the other soldiers had arrived yet. Ash was a spy. “Come on”, Abe whispered to Ash
    “Abe go you can`t  be here”, Ash whispered angrily
    “i cant believe you lied about your age”, Ash yelled quietly
    “i didnt”, Abe whispered running off with his gun, while he was running he heard a shoot, Ash had been shot.The General heard and saw her get shot, he ran up to her “come on Ash”, he said quietly dragging her back to the trenches, Ash got sent home secretly. Her little sister gasped in shock “Ash what happened”, she cried
    “I lost my leg”, Ash sobbed.

My pledge

I pledge to help people not to step or stab the blue ringed octopus. I have learnt not to use plastic bags and to use reusable bags to save sea animals.



Those Few Days Were AWESOME!!!

Wow camp was the best ever… we got to go to the lighthouse, estuary , the beach , the discovery centre and more place`s but lets start with the lighthouse.

The Splitpoint lighthouse was operated since 1891. At the  top the lighthouse there is three different types of glass. There is the white glass at the front red glass on the sides and black at the back. If you see the white you’re in a perfect position, if you see the red light you are too close to the rocks and the black light is just to stop the light shining onto the houses.  But when they first put the glass in the wrong spots they put the red glass at the front and the white on the sides and that became disaster because ships were crashing so they changed the glass around.

When we got to camp we found out who was in our cabins in my cabin there was Saskia, Alice, Milly, Jen and I, it took forever to go to sleep. Then we had breakfast i had rice puffs then we had free time i played with Saskia and Alice. Then we went to the discovery centre we touched marine animals in the touch tank. After that we went to the beach and the tour guide`s name was Alex, the same as mine. Then we went back to school i  was  really tired!!



First time in Kitchen Garden

On Friday it was our first time in the garden!! I was so excited  in the garden.. I raked the paths, watered the garden and shovelled mulch. Thank you Mrs. Walker for helping everyone in the garden and telling me and other people where to water, where to rake and where to shovel the mulch.